10 Tips to Make Your PC Run Smoother and Faster

10 Tips to Make Your PC Run Smoother and Faster

Tips to Make Your PC Run Smoother and Faster: In this modern world, everyone has a computer like a phone. Computers are the main need in this era.

10 Tips to Make Your PC Run Smoother and Faster

The number of computer users increased exponentially during these pandemic periods as compared to previous periods. Due to the Coronavirus worldwide online needs have started to increase.

For example:

  • Online education.
  • Online jobs
  • Online communication system
  • Online medical tests

New computer users can easily understand the intricacies of computer tricks and tips and how to use it. So let’s look at those things in this post. I bet you will find at least one useful trick in this article that you didn’t know before.

My ultimate goal is to save every precious second from your workflow and be more productive. these small, yet untold Windows tips and tricks can make a big difference in your workflow — and save you a lot of time in the process.

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Of course, you can always share this computer tips trick with friends and family members so that they too can become better PC users.

Tips to Make Your PC Run Smoother and Faster

  1. What is Problem Steps Recorder?

Problem steps recorder windows 10

Steps Recorder is an app created with the sole purpose of helping you troubleshoot Windows 10 PC problems.

Use Problem Steps Recorder This handy tool automatically records any mouse click and takes a screenshot for you. If you need technical support for your computer, open the Run command by typing Windows + R, then typing “psr” and pressing Enter


By logging your computer problem with this tool, you can send this information to a technician who can help you solve it. It will be easy for them to solve this problem.

  1. Find a large file then delete

Larger files take up more valuable space on your computer. If you want to know which files are the largest on your computer, you should use a third-party tool called WinDirStat (Windows Directory Statistics), which will tell you which files and folders are taking up the most space on the computer. After that, if they are not useful, you can delete them and increase the storage capacity of your computer.

Windows Directory Statistics)
  1. Delete unnecessary startup programs
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Startup programs start automatically when the PC is started. Some of these programs are essential and some are not.

If your PC is booting slowly, it could be due to too many programs at startup. You can increase your computer’s boot time by removing unnecessary programs from startup.

  • Open Run command by pressing Windows key + R keys.
  • Type “msconfig” in it and hit enter.
  • Now a window will open in which click on the Startup tab.
  • In Windows 10, go to Task Manager.
  • You can disable the program you don’t need by right clicking on it.

Before disabling, make sure that you have not disabled any computer program or antivirus application.

  1. Launch taskbar programs from your keyboard

Most of us users use the taskbar as a quick launch bar. You always have your favorite programs like Outlook, Excel, or Chrome on your taskbar, so you can launch them right away.

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These programs can be launched from the taskbar with a single click. But did you know you can start them even faster? How? via keyboard shortcut.

To the right of the Start button are shortcuts to all the programs you’ve placed.

From the start, the number of the first program is 1, 2 of the second and so on for the rest of the programs.

If you want to start the first program, press the Win + 1 keys on the keyboard, and in the same way, press the Win + 2 keys for the second one.

  1. Copy the file path to the clipboard:

Sometimes you need to copy the path of a file. For example, upload your photo to Facebook or attach a document to an email. At such times you need to browse the location of your file.

If you copy and paste the path of this file while browsing as attached, you can save a lot of time browsing the file.

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Open your photo or document in Windows Explorer.

Right-click the photo or document while holding down the Shift key.

Click the Copy as path option in the context menu. This copies the location of this file to the clipboard.

Now, in your browser, click Browse to Facebook or Email Anywhere upload tool.

Now paste this path by pressing Ctrl-V in the file location and click OK.

  1. Remove duplicate files

Every day you create, download or copy some files and folders on your computer. But over time, many duplicate files are created knowingly or unknowingly, which consumes your hard disk space.

Finding and deleting these duplicate files can save a lot of space on your computer.

  1. Add mouse-friendly checkboxes to icons

Every computer genius swears they do everything with keyboard shortcuts, but dozens of users still rely on their mouse.

By activating the Icon checkbox, you can easily select multiple files at once in Explorer without pressing the Ctrl key.

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Go to Folder Options in the Control Panel.

Select “Use checkboxes to select items” on the View tab. Click Apply Now.

No need to press the Ctrl key to select multiple files or folders at once in Explorer, just select the check box.

  1. Always stick the mouse pointer to a dialog box button

I don’t know how many dialog boxes are open while working on the computer. In these boxes, you always need to click buttons like Ok, Cancel, Save, etc., and bring the mouse pointer to that dialog box.

If you want to save valuable time, bring your mouse pointer to the dialog box automatically.

Click the Mouse option in the Control Panel.

Select the Pointers Options tab.

Check the Auto move pointer to the default button in the Snap to section.

Cool keyboard shortcuts windows 10

i) Copy only the active window to the clipboard

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Normally, the print screen copies the entire window. But if you want to copy only the active window, press ALT + Print keys, this will copy only the currently active window to the clipboard.

ii) Recover accidentally deleted files or folders with the keyboard shortcut:

You all must know the use of CTRL + Z. You can undo any process with this key. You mostly use it in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.

But if you accidentally deleted a file or folder in Explorer, you can find it again with CTRL + Z.

iii) Stylish way to switch between windows:

When you have more than one window open and need to switch from one window to another, you use the ALT + TAB keys.

All this makes it easy and quick to move from one Windows to another in Open Windows. But if you want a stylish way to switch from one Windows to another, press the Windows + TAB keys.

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iv) Minimize and reset all windows:

Many times you need to minimize all open windows at once, this time you press Windows + M keys. This minimizes all open windows.

But this method has a drawback. When you have to go back to the same level, you can’t do it.

At this time, you can use Windows + D keys. With this key, you can minimize all open windows at once, but by pressing this key again, all open windows will be restored/maximized as before.

V) Open task manager directly:

The traditional way to open Task Manager is to press CTRL + ALT + DEL keys and then select Task Manager.

But by pressing CTRL + Shift + ESC keys, you can directly open task manager.

Vi) Close the current window/tab directly:

To close the current window or tab, it is not necessary to move the mouse pointer over the X button of that window, pressing CTRL + W keys from the keyboard will close the window.

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Cool Internet Browsing Tricks On Pc Windows 10

i) Automatically www. and .com for a URL:

When you type the address of any website in the browser you need to type its full address.

But this is not true, you just type the name of the website and press CTRL + Enter keys, then www. And automatically typing .com will open the website.

Similarly .net Shift + Enter And for .org, press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys.

ii) Reopen the accidentally deleted tab:

When multiple tabs are open in the browser, another tab is closed by mistake. At that time you can press CTRL + Shift + T keys to open the previously closed tab.

iii) Go directly to any tab:

When multiple tabs are open in the browser, use the CTRL + TAB keys to move from one tab to another.

But this is not the fastest way, because when you need to go from one number tab to four number tab, you have to press CTRL + TAB four times.

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Instead, you can press CTRL + 4 to go directly to a four-numbered tab or CTRL + 1 to go to a single-numbered tab.


Friends, these are some tips to make your PC run smoother and faster.  We have also told you some computer keyboard shortcuts along with step-by-step guides through computer tips, computer tips, and tricks.  Let us know how you liked this information by commenting in the comment box below.  If you like this information please share it with your friends.

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