How to Hide And Show Windows Folder

How to Hide And Show Windows Folder?

The more you learn or try to learn on the computer, the less you will. Today I will tell you about Windows features you might not know, and you can keep your data secret.

If you have some files on your computer (PC) that you don’t want to share with everyone, your secret files or game files on your PC, you can hide them in your Windows folder before kids see them and play. It was put aside.

Hide And Show Windows Folder

There are many more benefits of using this free utility provided on Windows.

This will make your data folder invisible. Do you know this method, and if not, how can I show you how to hide any Windows folder? What I am saying about this is that you have to follow the steps given below.

How to hide a folder on the computer? Hide And Show Windows Folder

All Windows have simple and similar steps to hide any folder.

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First, select the folder you want to hide and once you have selected the folder, right-click on it and then click on the ‘Properties’ option.

In the next pop-up, put a tick mark on ‘Public’ and ‘Hidden’ and then click on the ‘OK’ button. Once you click the OK button, the folder will disappear.

After hiding, this folder will be the same drive you put it on before. But he will remain invisible. If you format this drive, it will also be formatted, so be careful.

If you say you have a hidden folder on D drive. Even if you format the C drive, it will remain invisible there, and this hidden folder won’t go anywhere from here.

How to hide a folder on the computer?

You have hidden the folder, but how to hide it when needed? Simple Ways to View Hidden Files or Folders in Windows 8 or 10 Simple Steps You can show hidden folders or files by placing a checkmark in the Hidden items in the View tab at the top of the File Explorer window.

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But let me tell you about Windows 7. Yes, we can do that from the control panel as well. But how am I going to show it? Who doesn’t know? Only a few people know.

First, open My computer >> Organize button >> Folder and click Search options. By doing this Folder Options tab will open; in this View>> Secret option, click on “Show hidden file, folders, and drives under Hidden file and folders and click on the ‘OK’ button.

Folder & Search Option
Folder Options

Then look where you have hidden the folder on your drive; the folder will be invisible in some light.

Here you can access the contents of that folder; if you want to hide it, click on the first option: Don’t show hidden files, folders, or drives, and click the OK button. They will be hidden, and these steps are given below.

Now it doesn’t look like a normal folder; follow the steps below for a simple-looking normal folder.

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How to hide the Windows folder completely?

But this folder is not hidden completely, even after following all the steps, right click on the folder you have hidden and remove the check mark from the option >> Property >> General >> Hidden.

Your hidden folder is now fully hidden, i.e., converted to a normal folder.

Show folder and hide password,

If you need a hidden folder for a while, show it now and let it do its job. Then if you want to make it a completely invisible folder, you don’t need to go to Folder properties and uncheck the Hidden option.

Just click on the last option in My Computer >> Organize button >> Folder and search options >> View >> Hidden file and folders and click the ‘OK’ button, and the folder will be there as you did before.

Hide And Show Windows Folder
Hide And Show Windows Folder

Similarly, you can hide, show and unhide your folder, file, or file with any other extension through the above steps.

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Friends, How to Hide And Show Windows Folder.  We have also told you computer tricks tips along with step-by-step guides through computer tips, computer tips, and tricks.  Let us know how you liked this information by commenting in the comment box below.  If you like this information please share it with your friends.

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